Common colds - mixture in spray.

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Mixture Common cold.

This mixture has an excellent effect during common colds. It contains seven great oils and due to their use, this mixture is good for strengthening of the psyche. It calms down, it has antiseptic qualities and stops breeding of bacteria in the air. The mixture is a suitable supplement for medical treatment during colds, high fever and also as a prevention during a flu epidemia. It very quickly and effectively disinfects space, where the sick person is and positively affects the mental condition of the patient. Especially good for a bath.

We recommend using the herbal teas from our line of products to supplement our line of essential oils. We also offer a herbal bath mixture which, due to its contents, helps and eases pain very quickly.

Psychic support of this mixture: wisdom, self-responsibility.

Other advantages: it repels insects. Flies and mosquitos will hate this mixture, it will also repel dog flees.

Composition: Ravensara, Tea tree, Thyme, Chamomille, Eucalyptus, Bergamot

Volume: 25 ml.
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