Olga Eremenko is mother of four children aged 1 to 12 years

Experience in aromatherapy is 8 years.


"Trying various essential oils from economy to elite chain products, I settled on essential oils of Hanna Maria Therapy because quality and usability make me choose it.

I do not have to buy dozens of ethers. Finished blends of ethers have been thoughtful, and furthermore, I saw the result on my children


Mixtures of ethers are made under principle of 5 elements of Eastern medicine. That is the aromatherapy with the meaning. The mixture Peaceful sleep, which certified from birth, subdued me as mother of babies."



Here you will find finished mixtures of ethers which have therapeutic quality. In some mixtures very rare and expensive ethers are used. This concepts combines wisdom of oriental medicine and technologies of European quality. This is the exclusive brand which doesn’t spend money on marketing. First of all, Hanna Maria Therapy spends its money on quality of products’ raw materials. It is a philosophy and particularly guarantee of quality and safety. 

There is no desire for millions of sales. It is a mission.

Made with love in Czech Republic.


 First aid, Happiness indigo,

  Peaceful sleep, For a flu, Calm, Immunity.

  That is name of ethers mixtures which support your children in the hour of need.


The unique mixture Peaceful Sleep is officially certified  in Czech Republic to be used for newborns.


The company Platinum Partner s.r. Is the official distributor  of TM Hanna Maria Therapy  in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. 


We believe that you will find your favourite product!